Welcome to the bulk food market news update.  The wheat market has moved up over 10% in the past four weeks from the low of $5.50 to around $6.16.  The USDA projected that wheat ending stocks would be flat in September 2014 from September 2013 at the USDA annual grain outlook conference held this past week.  Exports continue to be strong in wheat, as well as persistent concern over lost yield in winter wheat due to the harsh winter.  From the charting perspective, wheat has turned up sharply on the monthly chart at the rising trend line as seen in the chart below.In the corn market, the USDA called for a large projected increase in corn ending stocks after the 2014 harvest this fall.  The forecast is for a 2014 crop of 13.98 billion bushels on increased yields but lower acres planted than last year.  On the GMO front, major companies like ADM and Cargill have announced they will no longer purchase Syngenta’s GMO corn trait Duracade.  This GMO trait, which has been approved for use in the U.S. but not in China, was the cause of China rejecting over 600,000 tonnes of corn exports from the U.S. earlier this year.  From the charting perspective, corn is continuing to rise for the third month in a row off of the long-term monthly trend line.

Civil unrest is rising across the globe as economic conditions are deteriorating in many nations.  In the past few months, we have seen large scale protests or unrest in Ukraine, Turkey, Venezuela, Thailand and Bahrain just to name a few.  Consider these lower prices a perfect time to put a plan in place to acquire bulk food assets.

Check out the articles below for a more comprehensive look at the bulk food market news.  Contact us at sales@bulkfoodinternational.com or 816-833-8062 and we can help you get started investing in bulk foods as a tangible asset you have possession of, instead of just a piece of paper.  You can download a copy of our product catalog here.

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