Bulk foods are  becoming an area of interest for asset managers around the world. News about rising food prices and the global affects have been in headlines in many countries over the last decade. Food is a driving force in our world and being strategic before any crisis occurs is a wise move.  Bulk Foods International offers a path for you to take so that in the future when others are feeling anxiety about the price and availability of food, you will feel secure knowing you have food to eat and an asset that has grown in value.


Challenges of Farming Today

The talking heads on T.V. and financial advisors are picking up on something that has been prophesied for thousands of years. The prices of grains, beans, oils, etc. continue to increase due to many variables. There is no foreseeable end in sight but with knowledge and understanding there is an opportunity for those seeking solutions.

The rising population is one of the reasons why food prices are escalating. Due to the increased demands on food supplies by rising populations, corporations and governments have continued to look for solutions. Many of the “solutions” they have come up with are now in danger of hurting more than they have helped. The food that is produced today lacks nutrition; and it’s ability to ward off pest while in the field is quickly diminishing. The amount of farmable land has greatly decreased due to the much needed minerals being stripped from over-farmed land. The continued population growth has strained the production of quality food and when compounded with other threats, the price of food production continues to increase.

Droughts have long been a threat to the production of many crops but most recently we have seen the dire affects regarding wheat production. The worst drought in 60 years ravaged China’s wheat crop in 2011 that destroyed nearly 13 million acres of winter wheat. China alone has a population over 1.3 billion. When their wheat crop fails and they can’t sustain themselves, where do they purchase wheat to make up for the shortage? The United States! The United States is the third largest wheat producer in the world. This scenario sounds favorable for the United States but there is a downside. Due to China’s exchange reserves, they have the ability to outbid other countries. The repercussions will be most visible in dramatic spikes in the world grain markets. Similar challenges due to drought are found in many countries around the world. Solutions that have been offered such as cloud seeding to produce rain have failed miserably and water for crops will continue to be a major factor for areas affected by drought.

Crop failures in GMO derived plants are becoming more and more of an issue. The very thing the GMO seeds were intended to prevent is failing and the solution provided by the GMO seed producers it to increase the insecticides. The most commonly talked about threat to GMO crops is a rootworm that has become resistant to the insecticides in the seeds and plants. Farmers in Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota and Nebraska are well aware of the damage caused by resistant rootworms that have destroyed entire crops. As pests continue to grow resistant to the GMO plants, the cost of food will continue to increase due to the increasing cost of protecting the crops.

Rising fuel prices affect the price of food more than most Americans realize. Oil and fuels are used in farm machinery and the transportation of crops. Every piece of equipment on a farm has petroleum based paint, tires, lubricants or fuel. The transportation cost for food will continue to impact consumers. In the United States our food travels 1300 miles on average from the field to the table. Every mile is an increase in the price that consumers pay at the market.


Realizing a Profit

Bulk Food International offers a hopeful solution in the face of challenging times. Buying and storing certain foods suited for long-term storage to have on hand during extreme supply constraints, will continue to result in substantial profits. The key is to buy now while supplies are available and relatively inexpensive. As prices increase due to the many factors that strain the market, you will be in position to sell your Bulk Foods and be a supplier to others.

As an owner of Bulk Foods you can sell your food whenever you like. You can realize profits by reselling the products yourself or Bulk Food International can sell them for you to new customers. When you register on www.bulkfoodinternational.com you will have access to our Product Performance information along with current pricing for our products.

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