Wheat – Hard White



Product Description

Hard White WheatHard white wheat is the newest class of wheat marketed in the U.S. It is also widely grown in the rest of the world. Except for the absence in color in the outer seed coat and being typically more prone to weathering, hard white wheat is identical to hard red wheat. The white bran color does not alter the starch characteristics or protein functionality of the kernel. Hard white wheat is used in whole-wheat and high-extraction flour applications, such as pan breads, flatbreads and specialty noodles.

This wheat usually contains significantly higher protein content than Red Wheat and is in higher demand by bakeries.  The whole grain flour makes a lighter bread.  This wheat is considered a premium grain and carries a higher price consistently. This is one of the grains that we highlight as a suggestion for our clients because of its premium current value and enhanced value in the days to come.  Less White Wheat is grown than Red Wheat, causing a possible higher demand verses availability ratio, possibly equaling higher returns.