We are living in times of uncertainty at many levels. We are faced with economic challenges, we have a drought in the Midwest, and we are facing a debt that will have to be dealt with in the days to come. Individuals are seeing their assets shrink. We would like to offer you a potential way to secure your future and to see your wealth grow during turbulent economic times.
There are two reasons to purchase Bulk food. The first is as a reserve for you and your loved ones in the event of a food shortage. The second is a means of holding a tangible asset that not only holds, but likely increases in value.

Better Than Gold?

These food assets can be traded at a premium as droughts and food shortages arise. Through Bulk Food International, the purchase of actual grains, legumes or oils is a great asset strategy.

Reasons to consider bulk food for long-term storage:

  • Current economic conditions
  • Food shortage predictions
  • High levels of uncertainty
  • Natural disasters
  • Potential terrorist threats
  • Future inflation with a weak dollar


How Does This Work?

A person or organization can purchase 275 gallon IBC containers full of one of a variety of our food products. These containers are airĀ­ tight and moisture free. Once filled, these containers are treated with a chemically-free process for long-term storage. These IBC Containers protect the food making it very stable and portable.

These containers can be stored in our secure underground facility or shipped easily at any time, unlike bulk grain in a grain elevator. The product is stored at a constant cool temperature in our warehouse, where dehumidifiers keep the humidity at optimum levels. Our underground warehousing is the perfect environment for long-term food storage.

If you decide to sell your bulk food at a later date, we can also help assist with that sale. Food prices are increasing and with the threat of terrorism and natural disasters, buying some real food for the future is a wise and likely lucrative option.