Q.  What is Bulk Food International?
A.  We are a firm that provides a way for customers to purchase large amounts of food, such as grains or beans, in 275 gallon IBC Containers that hold approximately 1,500 to 2,000 lbs each depending on the product. These foods are processed without chemicals and in a manner which enables them to be stored for several decades.

Q.  How do I buy in Bulk?
A.  We make it very easy. You can purchase as little as one container of food product or as much as you would like. We have customers who have purchased as little as $800 and as much as $1million.

Q.  Where and how does it get stored?
A.  Our underground warehousing in the Kansas City, Missouri area is the ideal environment for longevity. It has the perfect temperature and humidity conditions for optimal food quality and nutrition retention.

Q.  Once I purchase my grains, how do I gain access to my purchase?
A.  You have access to it at any time. With 24 hours’ notice, you can arrange to pick up your product or we can ship to anywhere in the world.

Q.  How can I profit by buying in bulk?
A. You profit if food prices rise. There are many factors at work creating potential increases in food prices:
1) Rising population,  2) Drought conditions,  3) Crop failures,  4) Rise in fuel costs. There are many other factors which point to much higher food prices in the  future.
You can realize profits by reselling the products yourself or by arranging a sale through BFI to new customers seeking our products. Our market is growing rapidly.

Q.  What is my guarantee?
A. We guarantee that the food you purchase will be available to you at any point in time after the initial 30 days of purchase. We have insurance in place to cover any damage resulting from theft, fire or natural disasters. In any of these cases, damaged or stolen product will be replaced.

Q.  In the event of a fire or other disaster, is my product insured?
A. Yes the product is insured under our inventory insurance.  If damage occurred we would be paid replacement value and simply replace the product.

Q.  How easy is it for customers to sell their product?
A. The easiest and best way to sell your bulk food products would be through us at Bulk Food International. When you want to sell, we would offer your product to our new or existing customers requesting more product.  It makes sense for us to handle both buying and selling, meeting both of our customer’s needs at one time. Once a customer submits a “sell order”, we will line up our next purchase customer to buy their product.

Q.    If I don’t live in Kansas City, what good would my food do me in Kansas City when trouble hits?
A. First, decide what is “bread” and what is “seed”.

“Bread” should be what you keep with you at your main residence or at your “Safe Place” should disaster or economic troubles strike.

“Seed” should be a product or asset that you purpose for increase. It should be kept in a safe and secure environment; therefore, it shouldn’t matter if it’s across the street or on the other side of the world.

Q.  In the event of a crisis, how can I come to the caves and get my food?
A. Your assets are available at any time with one day’s notice. You would be able to access them directly if you can get there.

Q.  Can I sell my food directly to another person without Bulk Food International being involved?
A. Absolutely. It is your product. When it comes time to sell and you think you can sell for more than we can get for you, you have every right to manage the sale yourself.

Q. In the event of a power failure, is the food affected in any way?
A. No.  All the food is either in IBC Containers or buckets. Both types of containers are moisture free and air-tight. The constant cool environment is possible because it is underground, with over 50 feet of rock above. The power has no bearing on the temperature.