Welcome to the 11th week of BFI TV.

We are excited about what we have in store for today’s video.  As a tangible asset investor, how does agriculture fit into your portfolio?  What is an agricultural ETF?  How is investing in an a futures contract different than investing in bulk food from Bulk Food International?  We cover all of these topics and more in this episode to help you understand the value of bulk food as a tangible asset.

If you are new to our broadcasts, please check out last week’s episode “Grain Prices” at https://bulkfoodinternational.com/category/bfi-tv-episodes.

For more information about making tangible, bulk food assets a part of your portfolio go to our website www.bulkfoodinternational.com or you can download our catalogue here.

Trading EFT’s VS. Investing in Bulk Foods

Weekly Preparation Tip!  This weeks title: Using Storage Space You Already Have

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