Welcome to the bulk food market news update.  California has been stricken with its third drought since 1990.  According to Business Week, “2013 ended as the driest year on record for many regions of California.”  California is the nations top farming state with a $44 billion agricultural industry.  California’s agricultural resources are phenomenal.  It has a unique combination of moderate weather, great sun resources and quality soil but water availability is always a concern.  The last two winters have been very dry such that at the beginning of 2014, the snow pack in the Sierra Nevada’s was just 20% of normal for that time of year.  This fact is crucial because about one third of California’s water supply comes from melting snow. With virtually no rainfall this winter as well, Federal officials have taken drastic action. For the first time in history, the California Water Board is not allowing farmers in the drought stricken Central Valley to have access to their water allocation for irrigation.  Experts predict economic losses could exceed $11 billion due to the drought.

Farmers are expected to allocate their limited supplies to their most valuable crops like almonds and grapes while other crops such as grains are likely to diminish. Unfortunately, the dry conditions are expected to continue.  After three years of drought, experts are not calling for an end to the drought any time soon.  

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