Episode 1

Here at Bulk Food International, we believe that no one has to be a victim of circumstances.  Our purpose is to help you become educated and equipped, not just to survive but thrive in the increasingly tough times ahead.  This applies to both physical supplies and financial matters. Our two-fold mission here at BFI is to show people how to prosper when no one else seems to be, and to help our customers feed their families when food is scarce.

Introducing BFI TV
Welcome to our introductory episode of BFI  TV.   See where your bulk food containers are stored. See your wheat, barley, oats, honey and oils stored in the perfect climate controlled environment to maintain optimal nutritional value.  Learn many aspects of storing and investing in bulk foods as a tangible asset.

For more information about making tangible, bulk food assets a part of your portfolio you can download our catalogue here.

PLUS as an added BONUS Weekly Preparation Tip!    Each short tip is part of a longer more complete video series that can be found at http://www.preparetheway.com/ptw-video-gallery/. Subjects will vary from water filtration to personal protection and many subjects in between.

LINK- What Is Preparation As A Lifestyle?

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