Welcome to our fifth week of BFI TV.  We are very excited about what we have to discuss today.  We are formally launching the Bulk Food International Affiliate Program.  We believe for some of you receiving this email, this will be exactly what you have been looking for- an exciting opportunity to make some money while promoting a unique product which can help many people. To help you get started we have thorough product training which can be done in house or via the web.

We also invite you to come and visit our facility here in the Kansas City area.  There is power to seeing bulk foods stacked row upon row.  We will be glad to give you a tour and answer any questions you may have.

If you are new to our broadcasts, please check out last week’s episode “Why are Food Prices Going Up?”

For more information about making tangible, bulk food assets a part of your portfolio you can download our catalogue here.

Weekly Preparation Tip! Each weekly email will have a video link to one valuable tip for personal preparation.
Link: What to put in a basic first aid kit?

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