Welcome to the 13th week of BFI TV

Often you hear the term “Tangible Asset” used to describe a wide variety of investment products. Usually this term is used more in times of heightened uncertainty.

In today’s video, BFI TV Episode #13, George Charles defines what a “Tangible Asset” is, why you should consider investing a portion of your portfolio there, and some of the options you have in this category of investments.

If you are new to our broadcasts, please  check out last week’s episode “Allocated Products vs Non-Allocated Products” at “Episode 12   “Allocated vs Non Allocated Products”.

For more information about making tangible, bulk food assets a part of your portfolio go to our website www.bulkfoodinternational.com or you can download our catalogue here.

Tangible Assets

Weekly Preparation Tip! This week’s preparation tip:  Taking Care of Your Soil

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