Welcome to the 12th week of BFI TV.  

In today’s video, we explain the difference between Allocated and Non-Allocated Investments. We are proud to show you how our system and chosen methods are above board and beyond scrutiny. As a tangible asset, our goal is to be as transparent as possible with systems that eliminate ambiguity. We tell each client what they have and exactly where their product is in our warehouse.

If you are new to our broadcasts, please check out last week’s episode “Trading ETFs vs Investing in Bulk Foods” at Episode 11 “Trading ETF’s vs Investing in Bulk Food”.

For more information about making tangible, bulk food assets a part of your portfolio go to our website www.bulkfoodinternational.com or you can download our catalogue here.

Allocated Products vs Non-Allocated Products

Weekly Preparation Tip!  This weeks title: Choosing the Right Container 


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