Bulk Food International has only recently began offering bulk grain investments, so we currently have only a six month history to show.  In comparing the starting prices to the current prices, you can see a high return in that short time.

Corn, yellow $778.00 $819.00 $41.00 +5.26
Wheat, white hard $855.00 $969.48 $114.48 +13.38
Wheat, red hard $747.50 $819.00 $71.50 +9.56
Rice, white long grain $893.12 $993.12 $100.00 +11.19
Rice, brown long grain $947.66 $1007.66 $60.00 +6.33
Lentils $1377.00 $1722.50 $345.00 +25.05
Beans, Pinto $885.00 $1841.96 $956.96 +108.13
Potato Flakes $1467.00 $1510.00 $43.00 +2.93


Keep in mind the results listed above are for only six months, and we believe this rise in return has only just begun.  As 2012 unfolds further, we believe the market will become much more volatile, resulting in large spike increases across all these products, but particularly in wheat.


Although we didn’t invent grains and bulk food, we have started a whole new market for them.  Investors are attracted to bulk foods suited for long-term storage as a tangible asset, similar to silver and gold with a much higher potential upside.


Thank You,


Terry Leverett

Bulk Food International, a division of Prepare The Way, LLC

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