Here at Bulk Food International, we constantly monitor the global bulk food markets for news and insights.  Whether you have purchased from us before or are new to our products, it is important to understand and interpret key trends and information the major media provides.  In addition to understanding the market news we believe that seeing is believing.  To that end, we invite you to come and visit our office and underground warehouse here in the Kansas City area.  Seeing over 7 million pounds of bulk foods stored three quarters of a mile into an underground facility we promise will be interesting!

 The weather was the big news last week as the August heatwave across the Midwest is expected to lower yields and ultimately production for corn to around 13 billion bushels.  The dry weather is having a similar effect on wheat.  Dry beans are being pushed towards maturity due to the weather not allowing the top pods to set resulting in likely lower production.  There are two interesting articles below.   One on the long-term storage properties of honey; and the other on the Ogallala aquifer which supplies 30% of the nations irrigated groundwater.

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Weekly Corn Review

Why Honey Doesn’t Go Bad

Study forecasts future water levels of crucial agricultural aquifer

Dry Bean Update

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