Here at Bulk Food International, we constantly monitor the global bulk food markets for news and insights.  Whether you have purchased from us before or are new to our products, it is important to understand and interpret key trends and information the major media provides.  In addition to understanding the market news we believe that seeing is believing.  To that end, we invite you to come and visit our office and underground warehouse here in the Kansas City area.  Seeing over 7 million pounds of bulk foods stored three quarters of a mile into an underground facility we promise will be interesting!

Below is the 3 year weekly CBOT Chart for Wheat.  As you can see prices have been in an up channel for the last three years.  The best time to buy is at the bottom of the channel.  It looks as though we might have strong support at the $6 range which corresponds to the bottom of the channel.  Fundamentally, wheat has been dragged down by lower corn prices since wheat and corn are interchangeable as animal feed.  Furthermore, the cash market has remained strong as China continues to import record amounts of U.S. wheat.  In addition, the hold in which Japan and Korea put on U.S. wheat is now over after the scare when GMO wheat was found on a farm in Oregon.  After an extensive investigation is was determined that there as no further contamination and Japan and Korea have begun to purchase U.S. Wheat again.  Please give us a call and we can discuss how you can purchase wheat as a tangible asset.

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