Have you thought about how you would prepare your bulk foods should you ever need to eat them? Before anybody asked, we’ve got the answer.  BULK SPICES  Yes, your bulk food will be nutritious without our Cajun, Southwest and Italian spice blends, but will they be delicious? With our spice blends, your family will not want for variety of flavors.  Each one of these spice buckets will season approximately one whole IBC container of food (depending on use)and includes a special gamma lid to allow for easy resealing. If you are currently storing your bulk foods with us, we will store your spices for no additional storage fee.  Secure the ability to season your bulk food with great bulk spices.  Contact us at sales@bulkfoodinternational.com or 816 888-8290.

Supplies are very limited so act fast.

Cajun: 5 gallon bucket (25 lbs): $124.99
Southwest: 5 gallon bucket (25 lbs): $174.99
Italian: 5 gallon bucket (7.5 lbs): $129.99

For more ideas how to prepare delicious and healthy meals and desserts using basic grains, legumes and similar stored foods, check out Glenna Callen’s cookbook, “Cooking for Real”

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