Why Grain?

  1. In February of 2011, The Washington, D.C. Institute for Inflation Studies issued a report predicting that within a few years, a can of corn will cost $16.60, a pound of coffee $77.00, and a pound of sugar $45.00.
  2. Holding a tangible asset with value when the value of your portfolio is shrinking in the stock market, real estate, or other markets.
  3. These food assets can be traded at a premium as droughts and food shortages continue, and inflation continues to rise. Current economic conditions, food shortage predictions and high levels of uncertainty, are all reasons to consider investing in bulk food for long-term storage.


Adding long term grain to your portfolio is a smart decision. Grain-Investor can also help you facilitate the creation of IRA structures around your investment, allowing you to utilize retirement dollars if you wish. If you decide to sell your bulk food at a later date, to realize your profits, we can also be your sales agent. Food prices are increasing and with the threat of terrorism and natural disasters, investing in real food for the future is a wise and likely a very lucrative option.