Please fill out the applicable forms below to complete your purchase. The headings below explain which forms you will need to complete for your situation.  Once the information is filled out you will can save a copy to your computer and then print a copy to sign and send by fax and/or mail.  The forms will open in a new window and should have a tool bar at the top with save and print icons. please call us if you need any assistance in completing these steps.

Please complete all fields in the forms unless they do not apply, sign the contract and insure all the information is correct before sending.

Once this happens please email to or fax contract to (816) 833-8083

Note: Exibit “A” referred to in the contracts is the record of the transaction you have just completed. You do not need to send Exhibit “A” we will have it on file as the order you just completed.  Please use the amount from the purchase when requested on the forms below.



Non IRA Purchases

Fill out this form for ALL bulk food purchases that are not in an IRA

  1. Non IRA Purchase Form


IRA Purchases

If you are placing your Bulk Food Purchase into an IRA, complete the forms for the appropriate IRA Administrator

IRA Services

  1. IRA Services Purchase Form
  2. IRA Services Account Application Form


Provident IRA

  1. Provident IRA Purchase Form
  2. Provident Account Application Form – Traditional IRA – OR – Provident Account Application Form – Roth IRA