Bulk Food International wants to welcome you and introduce you to our products.  We are a “Tangible Asset Supplier”, with hands on possession through our large IBC Containers.  We are also a “Preparation Supplier” through our five-gallon-bucket products.  We have absolutely NO GMO products!  Our products must last at least 10 years in proper storage before we will carry them.  Many of our products will last well over 30 years if kept under the right conditions.
We want to make you a special offer…24 – 5 gallon buckets of highest quality nutrient dense bulk foods for $1,226.  We chose each of the buckets in this offering to give a variety of foods instead of all wheat, as suggested below by FEMA.  We use their chart as a general guideline only.  Call us now at 816-833-8062.
Question: Why 24 buckets you may ask?
Answer:    Well, that is how many buckets can fit on a pallet to ship.  If we ship by the pallet
then we can lower the shipping costs significantly to around $10/bucket.  So for
$1226 + $240 shipping (estimated) or $1466 total, you can have your food at
your house, safe and secure.
Question:  But, you might say,”I don’t have a place to put all that food”.
Answer:     No problem…we will store the food for you here in our warehouse in Kansas City
for you FREE of CHARGE for 2 FULL YEARS while you figure out where you want
to store the food in your vicinity.  When you want your food, give us a call and we
will arrange to have it shipped to you promptly.  Please understand though, you
must pay for the shipping.
Let us break down how much food this actually is into three categories: Wheat, Other Grains, and Beans.  According to FEMA standards, this offer would feed two adult males for a year, almost three adult women for a year, or over 6 small children for a year.  Wow, that is a lot of food and it doesn’t even include the Pasta, Potato Flakes and Coconut Oil included in the package.
Our “Special Offer”includes a wide variety of grains for nutritional and palette variety.  I don’t believe anyone would enjoy only eating wheat and pinto beans for a year.  See the details below of what we are including in this special:
As you can see from the product listing it is a great deal.  So, give us a call at 816-888-8290 and we can get you your pallet of bulk food today!  Download our product catalog here for more information.

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